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Insallah Affiliations

Insallah AHC
is an Associate Member of


Insallah AHC
is an
Affiliated Club of the
Arabian Horse Association 

Insallah AHC
is a Club based within
Region 2

Arabian Horse Legacy
World's Most Complete Arabian Horse Library

In Remembrance
Remembering those who have given so much to our Arabian Horse Breed!

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Region 2 History

Insallah Arabian Horse Club
As we are an Internet-based Club, we enjoy
World-Wide Membership




Welcome to Insallah, an Internet-based Arabian horse enthusiast's club. We are an approved Arabian-horse club by the Arabian Horse Association (AHA), with all the privileges, including delegates to the AHA  National Convention and the right to submit Resolutions for changes. Our main order of business working with AHA will be to work on our proposals to present to AHA for positive changes to our national organization.

We are an Associate member of the World Arabian Horse Organization (WAHO).   We  work with WAHO, send our delegate to the WAHO Conferences held every 2 years somewhere in the world and support the work of this organization in bringing consistency and ease of importing/exporting our Arabian horses and traveling to competitions around the world, while guarding the ethics of maintaining the confidence in the registrations of our purebred Arabian horses.

Club activities are Internet based, thus we reach Arabian horse interests around the world.  Our members have access to all club correspondence, files,  photo album, and the other members via Internet communication.

If you would like to be part of this club, you can apply to join and a membership application may be found at this link.  

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Insallah Meeting Room
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This room is the "Clubhouse" for Insallah monthly and special meetings.  Our General Business Meetings will be open to the public for guest attendance unless sensitive subjects are on the agenda which will facilitate a closed meeting for Insallah members only.
Insallah members are welcome to set up committee meetings, etc. in this room

  This room will also be available for rental to other groups and/or organizations for special meetings and discussion.  Contact the Insallah AHC to contract for this service.

Insallah Business Meetings are scheduled for
the second Monday of every month at
5:30 p.m. Pacific time

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If you wish to contact an Insallah officer for any reason, please go to:

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